Sunday, January 7, 2007
is it hot in here or is it just me?
new york enjoyed record-breaking temperatures yesterday with a high of 72 degrees. 72! in january! it was so nice we ate lunch at roll n' roaster, took the kids to the aquarium and then for a walk on the boardwalk. we even played on the beach in coney island for awhile.

right before we left the house, i overheard a guy leaving a message on his cell phone:
"hi, it's me. are you out enjoying the end of the world or just screening your calls?"

our goldfish continues to improve, for those of you who are following the saga of the fish. yesterday he got a clean tank of water and we'll continue to administer his medication for at least another week. i went online to double check that i'm doing everything correctly, and in doing so i came across a site that helps you determine the sex of a fish. it appears our fish might be a girl. if (s)he is indeed a girl, (s)he could be old enough to begin laying eggs (which may cause a whole other set of symptoms which could be confused with illness but are actually normal). luckily nemo lives alone so if eggs are laid, i won't need to worry about having baby fish swimming around.

took the kids to church today. a woman we know from the congragation was there. we've known julie for awhile now and remember when her sons made their confirmations. julie just returned from visiting her son over the holidays. it seems he's been given notice that he's going to iraq. i found this news so upsetting. as you know, the husband's friend tom was shot while serving in iraq by sniper fire back in september.

i feel like being sent to iraq is like getting into a car that you know is going to crash. you can have front and side curtain airbags, antilock brakes, you can wear your seatbelt, but the car is going to crash and you won't know when, where or how it's going to happen. or if you'll live to tell about it. keep our troops in your prayers, please. these men and women really need it. also remember their parents and families. they need the prayers almost as much.


Blogger Andie said...

gladd to hear the fish is still alive & kicking, mine has left us for the great ocean...the boy didn't even notice. hope all goes well with julie's son, i pray for all of those men & women every damn day. no comments for the weather, i was in the house sick...

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