Tuesday, January 9, 2007
it seems we need pepto bismol for the news today
for burning:
malibu mansions are hot right now
quick! let's start a malibu mansion relief fund to help the rich people rebuild their homes.

for gas:
nj is mad at ny for laying the blame on them for the gaseous odor that covered the city yesterday.
i say, whoever smelt it, dealt it.

for vomiting and diarrhea:
stomach flu rips through the nation
which would explain a lot of elevator conversations i've had the misfortunate to overhear.


Blogger Andie said...

you must have an iq of like 1,000,000,000. where do u get this stuff??? but you're right whoever smelt it...
btw, here's my penny towards the fund. $.01

Blogger me said...

the formula is is this: two parts twisted mind, one part sarcasm plus three parts boredom

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