Thursday, January 11, 2007
howdy, partner!
this blog is doing wonders for my career. since its inception i have been a pillar of the universe, and yesterday i made partner! now don't go thinking they're going to etch my name on the front door or anything. partner is my company's word for vp. i already have most of the benefits of partner (in terms of time off) so the only thing extra i get is an executive health exam. from what i've heard, they hound you to get this done and it's like an all day affair which doesn't bode well for me because i'm not that fond of doctors and needles totally freak me out. i didn't even know the partnership was coming. completely surprised me. pretty cool, huh?

right after i left work, i popped into the food emporium to pick up cupcakes (which there were out of) so i ended up getting a baby birthday cake. you've seen them, they're half the size of a regular cake. i asked the guy "could you write happy birthday on it for me?" he was all "sure, no problem" and i was like "great!" then it became apparent that writing is not this man's forte. it took forever to write two words. i wanted to be all "don't you know i'm a partner?" but kept my mouth shut. the cake certainly says happy birthday and by the grace of god those two words are spelled correctly but it doesn't look so hot.

we are beginning to remember our family's occasions by what illness has struck my son on that particular day. for his first birthday, we remember not the momentous occasion of turning one but the double ear-infection he developed. for our trip to disney world, we reminisce about the boy's stomach virus. "ha! remember all the rest stops we visited along the florida turnpike and pulling into the hotel with one diaper and one one wipe left? crazy days those were!" columbus day 2006: bad diaper rash. christmas '06 is remembered for the boy's fever, runny nose, and ear infection. yesterday we celebrated his second birthday with a bout of stomach flu. it wasn't a very happy birthday and we didn't get to eat the cake. maybe tonight. maybe.


Blogger Andie said...

OMG, I had no idea. CONGRATULATIONS! You made me cry...Thanks for making my day better. You deserve it. I am so proud of you.

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