Monday, January 8, 2007
holy gas fumes, batman
so when i switched from the a to the c train this morning, i thought to myself "gee, it smells an awful lot like gas." then continued reading the paper like a good new yorker.

apparently, this is a wide-spread problem across manhattan, brooklyn, queens and new jersey which most of us here at the agency were oblivious to until our floor's mail clerk walked around telling us about it. the mayor says it isn't dangerous but some buildings have been evacuated and hvac systems need to be turned off in some areas.

while i await death in gigantic fireball, i thought i'd tell you that i love it when my kids try to be helpful.

last night, while we were eating dinner (which thankfully didn't include any references to animal slaughter), my daughter decided to give me some pointers on meal planning.

it seems she thinks we should dedicate different nights of the week to different meals. mondays should be chicken with rice and carrots. tuesdays should be hot dogs, baked beans and green beans. and so on and so forth.

"i try to cook based on what we have on hand and how much time i have to cook," i explained.
"well, maybe you should write this down. so you don't forget."

like it or not, they're getting pita bread pizzas tonight.


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enough said: lmao

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