Friday, December 1, 2006
i'd like to thank the academy....
i didn't have to give a speech, thank goodness, but today i won an award at work for my crazy manifesto project that had me working over the weekend before thanksgiving. i am now a "pillar of the universe" or so they say here at the agency. i was nominated by my boss for going the extra mile and really, the praise couldn't have been better if i'd paid her off. which i could do with my small monetary bonus that came along with the certificate. i was totally surprised by this but grateful for recognition. hopefully, more people in my group will be recognized for their contributions in the future.

weird news
a man was pulled from the jaws of an alligator in a Florida lake at 4am. the deputies said it was not clear why the man was in the water at that hour. my question: why was he naked? at some point after he was saved mr. swim-naked-with-the-gators fessed up that he'd been smoking crack. of course! it all makes sense now.

the most exciting thing to happen all week
the girl lost her tooth!!!!!! her first tooth to fall out, my first time playing tooth fairy. i forgot to do it before i went to bed. can you believe my husband reminded me? luckily, the girl slept late this morning and i was able to go in and retrieve the tooth and leave the cash before she woke up. whew!

i piss on your time out!
the terrible twos, they are upon us. last night we had the boy run around without a diaper to help air out a little rash he's developed. he got out of hand with the hitting (which he is very fond of these days). he began to throw one of his whirling dervish fits when i tried to reprimand him. so i put him in his crib for a one minute time out. guess how the little devil got back at me?

later on he tried to give me a kiss, which he is usually very stingy with. i had to be tough mommy and tell him i didn't want to get a kiss because he hurt me with his hitting. the little devil then gave me the best hug ever after i told him that, complete with little pats on my back from his tiny hand. and a kiss, finally. with boogers (he has a cold).


Anonymous Mom said...

Congrats on your award at work!! i'm sure it is well deserved.
Can't wait to see Sophs without her tooth, must look soooooo cute! Harry Boy, Boy I can't wait to see him, he sounds like a little "bomber" Uncle Justins name in a former life.

Love you,

Blogger Andie said...

hey, great to hear about the award & moola. Congrats to Sophie on the tooth loss. Oh boy, Harry, have you been talking to John Michael?

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