Friday, January 19, 2007
how will life choose to smite me today?
i feel like its been one thing after another since christmas. sick fish, sick boy, sick mommy, sick boy again, dead fish, sick mommy. and what was yesterday's blue plate special at cafe smite? sick daughter.

luckily, my boss is female, a mom of two and a recent victim of the same stomach bug we are battling on our homefront so she totally understood when i ran into her office yesterday and said "i gotta go. my daughter's sick." her look was pure pity.

the husband was assigned sick ward duty for today which meant he stayed late at work last night to try to clear his desk. this exchange took place last night, upon the husband's return home:

him: "are there any leftovers i could heat up for dinner?"
me: "we always have leftovers. just pick whatever you won't mind throwing up later because you are the last man standing."

so far so good on the husband being plague-free. keep your fingers crossed for me him.


Blogger Andie said...

lol, good luck john. i think u need it. :)

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