Tuesday, January 16, 2007
i tried to avoid it but....
i told you on thursday we mark occasions in our family by what the disease du jour is. yesterday was our eighth anniversary. it was also the day i was felled by the stomach flu. i'm better, but still achy, with a slight fever.

so, what have i learned while lying here these past two days? i learned to never, ever, under any circumstance, think you have eradicated disease from your home. i washed linens and towels and coats in hot water, hoping to kill what ever stomach virus lingered on my son's clothing last wednesday. i washed my hands hundreds of times. i made everyone else wash their hands hundreds of times. i wiped everything down with disinfecting wipes. i sprayed surfaces with lysol. just as i got confident enough to think "hey, i think i've avoided infecting the rest of the household!" bam, it hit me.

know what else i learned? daytime tv sucks. really, it is daytime tv alone that makes me happy to have a full time job. there is a show on right now called the greg behrendt show. greg behrendt is a comedian, former writer for 'sex and the city' and co-author of 'he's just not that into you.' today's problem: people whose sex lives are suffering because they have kids. imagine that! the advice is pretty bad. for example: when your sex life is good your relationship will be rockin'!

and now on maury povich: did my man chubby cheat on me because i have only one leg? (i'm not kidding, that really is the subject of today's maury!) i also confirmed my belief that rachel ray is annoying.


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awe, get well soon.

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