Monday, December 11, 2006
weekend recap
saturday morning, the husband and i brought the kids to our friendly local grandparents so we could drive to dc to visit his friend tom. in case you didn't know, tom is recovering from a sniper shot he took in the left hip while serving as a civil affairs officer in iraq.

the first patient we saw when we arrived at walter reed army medical center was a soldier missing half his leg. the second patient we saw was a double amputee. this was all before we even made it into tom's room.

we had a great visit and i am happy we got to see tom. his next step is to complete his recovery and then head to Tampa where he will go through rehabilitation to repair nerve damage he suffered.

we were sorry we missed this event while we were in texas for the thanksgiving holiday but a benefit was held to raise money for tom to continue helping the children in iraq. over $20,000 was raised. donations are still being accepted. address is in the link above.

what else did i do this weekend? too much, as usual. i decided that i hate my kitchen curtains so i changed them but the curtains i hung look silly because they are just valences. the windows are very long (84") which is great for things like natural light. but i need to find curtains that match the scale of the windows. preferably under $20/window. whaddya think about these?

i came down with a cold and i'm not liking it one bit. blahhhhhh.


Blogger Andie said...

I love the curtains. they are really nice. glad you got to see tom.

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