Friday, December 1, 2006
this is your official reminder to count your blessings! the ones you have, not the ones you want.
i got this just in just under the wire. you may have noticed that i added a button to this page commemorating world aids day.

today is the day when we remember those who have suffered because of this dreadful disease. the news tonight featured the work of a photographer who documented african children living with the disease. some of the stories were heartbreaking; the pictures were...i don't know what to say. harrowing. most of the children she photographed are no longer living.

watching it got me thinking that the problems i have aren't bad. my life, with all it's ups and downs is pretty darned good compared to the lives of others. i'm lucky, very lucky. and so are you. take a moment-take two, take five-take as many as you need and count the blessings you have. husband driving you crazy? believe it or not, it's a blessing. kids driving you up a wall? thank god they are healthy enough to do so. money tight? boss a jerk? holiday stress? exhausted? that means we have money to worry over, a job to go to, and something worth doing is present in your life. if that makes you tired, all the better. these are problems we are lucky to have.

take the time to appreciate your problems. count your blessings. pick your battles (most aren't worth the fight). tell someone you love them. help others (forget about charitable giving now; give in june, when most donations to charities dry up). call your mother. hug your kids. kiss your partner. smile more. say 'god bless you' when someone sneezes, even if its a stranger. stop worrying. and above all: love one another.


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Just Beautiful!! Written like the true Woman you are.

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