Thursday, November 30, 2006
just in time for christmas

style dash reports that you can have too many diamonds. i beg to differ.

a jeweler in ukraine has designed a ring with a record 837 diamonds. most of them are small and total carat weight comes in at just over 5.5 carats.

alright, it's not the most attactive piece of jewelry. but like pizza, even bad jewelry's pretty good.

i did some more christmas shopping yesterday. went here, and found some really cute stocking stuffers. for the girl, who loves to eat with chopsticks, i found her some clothespin chopsticks. cute, huh?

alas, they were out of weepy, the wee-wee boy. if you pull his pants down, he really wees! would have been a perfect stocking stuffer for brother. all three of them.


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