Thursday, December 7, 2006
remember when?
last night at work, a colleague was helping another load music onto her new ipod. it is amazing that they can fit four gigabytes of information into this tiny little thing. i happened to mention that when i was a kid, they'd talk about about the technology of the future and how i thought it was always cool to hear about what the scientists were working on. i just never thought i'd see the advances they have so early.

everyone agreed that yes, we've seen technology advance very quickly. remember vinyls? 45's? 8 tracks? one asked. that question didn't make me feel old, as yours truly bought 45's and vinyls when they were being phased out. (i had cassettes! the truly creative made mixed tapes and watched friday night videos!) here's what made me feel old:

a younger colleague also happened to be standing there. he'd heard of a 45 record. "but what what it really?" he asked.

i explained to him that it was a small record for a hit single. it was a way for artists and record companies to sell just one hit from an album to their audience.

"how many songs did the record hold?"
"two," i said. "an a side and a b side."
"that's it?" yes, frank. that's it.

it made me nostalgic, which is a nice way of saying i felt old. so here's some nostalgia for you, dear readers. all three of you :)

remember the little yellow adapter thingy that allowed you to play your 45's on a "regular" record player?

remember when you were the remote control? dad would say "go see what's on channel 4. now see what's on 7. wait go back." there were only about four other stations to go before you were back to where you started!
remember rabbit ears? tin foil for improved reception?

remember busy signals?
remember bench seats in cars?
remember those reflective boards you held under your face for a better tan?
remember baby oil and iodine mixed together for an authentic orange tan?
remember when coke came in glass bottles (it just doesn't taste the same to me now)
remember the milk man? remember when soda was delivered on a truck and the seltzer bottles that came with it?

c'mon. take a walk down your own person memory lane and send me a comment about something you (vaguely) remember!


Blogger Andie said...

i remember all of those things. sad part is i still have all of my records & 45's. and listen to them. are we old?

Blogger me said...

yes, we are old!

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