Tuesday, November 28, 2006
it seems "the man" in colorado has backed down and has withdrawn its request that ms. jensen remove her wreath. thanks to ellen for giving me the update!

i already sent a link to all my friends and family, but it is worth mentioning again. the husband's friend Tom was shot while serving in iraq and his interview with fox5 news was aired last night. here's the link to the video.

the gilmore girls is new tonight. but lost won't be new until february.

after resisting the urge to get, like, creative, i read last night in real simple magazine about some easy ways to decorate for christmas. for instance, i could fill a large glass container with nothing but silver bells in different sizes. cute, right? oh, and i could also use calculator paper as tree garland and foil minimuffin tin liners as christmas light shades. huh?!?


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