Wednesday, November 22, 2006
our thanksgiving trip
the flight

with much organization and planning, we left early saturday morning for our flight to dallas with a minimal amount of yelling and crying. just as we were patting ourselves on the back for a job well done i thought i should change the boy's diaper before we hunkered down in the plane for a four hour flight. it was then that i discovered that we'd left a crucial bag behind. the diaper bag.

i quickly scanned the waiting area and scoped out a woman with three kids, one of which seemed to be the boy's age and size. i thought after explaining my predicament i'd get a kindly "oh, i've been there before" kind of look. no. the look i got was more of a you've-got-to-be-kidding-me kind of look. with very little amusement and a minimal amount of kindness. it was more of "hey, if i got here with three kids in tow, you've got no excuses" glance. all while the boy ran through the terminal like a bat out of freaking hell.

a trip within a trip

on sunday we drove 6 hours north to wichita, kansas to visit with some family.

the boy and girl sat quietly with the portable dvd player while i quietly fumed over the anti-abortion billboards posted by right-to-life organizations/terrorist cells. oh, and i gawked at the monstrous churches with huge, i mean huge signs with zippers beneath their logos.

one of the things wichita has over new york is space. there's tons of it. the kids had plenty of opportunity to run around and wear themselves out. which they did. but along with the opportunity to run came plenty of chances for the boy to bang his face against various surfaces while running: the floor (twice), the wall, stairs, a table and many other items that jut out from shelves and bookcases. the christmas card photo will need to be postponed until the nose, the bruises on both cheeks and the scratches heal.

on monday, my father-in-law took us to lunch then over to a farm owned by his friend. there we got to ride in a combine with farmer bob and harvest milo. never in a million years did i ever think i'd ride in a huge piece of farm equipment harvesting feed grain. but i went and it was very interesting and actually kinda fun. but don't tell my husband that or he'll up and move us to kansas!

there is a barn on farmer bob's property that was moved there from another location in town. it is over 100 years old. the barn was set onto its present site onto a state-of-the-art foundation that was laser guided to perfectly match the structure of the barn. the barn now sits perfectly level. and now none of the doors close properly.

in another building on the farm is an old wwII plane farmer bob and some buddies are rebuilding. it sat in pieces around the hanger but they are two years away from completion.

we're not in kansas anymore...

on the way back from wichita we stopped for lunch in oklahoma city with the husband's step-sister. we drove around her lovely neighborhood and saw really beautiful pre-war homes in the mesta park and heritage hills neighborhoods. we at lunch at my favorite fast food place (sonic) in bricktown. then we paid our respects at the site of the oklahoma city bombing. gave us a lot to be thankful for this week.

i've offically reached the point in my journey when i get homesick. don't get me wrong, i'm enjoying myself a lot. but i miss the crowds, the coffee, eating breakfast at my desk instead of eating it right when i roll out of bed, tired of strapping the kids into their car seats everytime we want to go somewhere. oh, and my hair is flat. but the kids are sleeping through the night so who can complain?

exciting news.....i almost forgot!

the girl woke me at the crack of dawn on monday morning to tell me that her tooth was loose! as in they are about to fall out and be replaced with adult teeth. let the orthodontia games begin....


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