Wednesday, November 15, 2006
sleep? we don't need no stinkin' sleep!
lately my son doesn't need as much sleep as he used to. as his need for sleep decreases, ours increases. on a typical day the boy is up at 5:30am. now, i can do 6 standing on my head but 5:30 is ungodly.

you see, it's not just that he is awake and snuggling with us at 5:30. he is wide-awake, rarin' to go, weeding through the toy box for a truck/car/train toy (preferably one that makes noise) and demanding a bottle, Thomas and Friends On-Demand and his lovey. NOW.

and the nap? cheap. an hour, hour and a half, tops.

eventually, bedtime rolls around and he begins to look tired. he doesn't look half as tired as i actually am but, still, he looks fatigued. we get him ready for bed.

the first order of business is to rearrange his crib. he moves his pillow to the other end of the mattress. he throws the stuffed animals out but keeps his rabbit (without the pajama top, thank you very much) and pooh. sometimes elmo is invited to the party. sometimes he reads his books, sometimes he calls us. "come back!" is his new favorite phrase. eventually he finds a train and holds onto it with one hand, and drapes lovey against his cheek. then he goes through the litany of the Thomas and Friends characters (henry, percy, toby, fergus.......). sometimes his sings the theme to wonder pets. finally, finally, he falls asleep. and we pass out from exhaustion.

before we know it, our little sleep bandit is at it again. greeting the dawn with his trusty sidekick lovey in one hand, milk bottle in the other, ready to take on the day.


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