Monday, November 27, 2006
and now back to our regularly scheduled blogging
we're baaaaack!
today i rode the subway instead of driving anywhere. whoopee!
the charm will wear off soon, i'll bet.

now that my project from hell is over at work, i'm quite free with the time at work. so much so that i have found new things to make for the christmas season by browsing the internet. so many beautiful things to make for all my friends and family! so many ways to say merry christmas. so easy, i think to myself.

i call these my crazy thoughts, as in "you are crazy to think you can hand-craft christmas cards!" or "you are crazy to think you can create soaps for every person on your list!" and "you are just plain nuts to do anything more than slice and bake cookies decorated with red or green icing and sprinkles."

forget dragees, 3-dimensional cookies and hand-crafted anything. stick with what you know, put your feet up , splash some more brandy into an egg nog and call it year.

that goes for you too!

peace out
have you heard about this? a woman in colorado is being fined by her home owner's association for displaying a wreath with a peace sign in it. read about it here.

how a peace symbol can be offensive to anyone is beyond me. i say leave it up, ms. jensen. stick it to the man!


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