Sunday, December 31, 2006
mother roads, advertising and a happy new year to you, too!
i love a good road trip. not the four hour, 'are-we-there-yet?' while having the back of your seat kicked by your offspring and listening to radio disney kind. i mean a good road trip, with friends and blaring tunes and an ultimate goal that really isn't the goal, because getting there is all the fun.

last night i caught a documentary on tv called the mother road. its about a journalist who drives with her 80-year old mother from chicago, il to santa monica, ca along route 66, where the great american road trip was born. the road and the mother are the same age so much of the documentary dishes about aging and mother-daughter relationships. but in watching this, i realized i was born far too late in the last century. i missed one of the greatest american eras that ever was. i would have loved to have vacationed along this road, sleeping in wigwam motels, visiting barbed wire museums, cadillac ranches, drive-in theaters, seeing neon vacancy signs, eating in roadside cafes. of course today its called 'kitsch' but i would have loved every minute of it.

as suspected, a quick search on google for route 66 information revealed an entire subculture devoted to preserving, remembering and reveling in all things route 66. apparently, three-week road trips along the remains of this historic highway is quite a popular thing to do.

one of the things the husband and i do best is a road trip. we travel well together when we are unencumbered because we both love of seeing anything quirky, historic, noteworthy or geographically significant. i think once the kids are a bit older, we are going to have to convince the mother in law to hitch up the rv and take us along the mother road.

i guess sending sheets of return address labels wasn't cutting it anymore. st. jude children's research hospital is bringing out the big guns now. bald kids.

now, don't look at me like that. i think childhood cancer is a scourge and i support doing everything we can to eradicate it. but when we drove to the zoo yesterday, i saw a billboard for the hospital that said 'give thanks for the healthy kids in your life' with a picture of a childhood cancer patient staring right back at me. how can you win with advertising like that? it's a one-two guilt punch: they show you a picture of a sick child while reminding you that your own kids are healthy. you can't just go home and forget about it. the only way out is to send them money to clear your conscience after looking at your own kids and thanking god for their health.

while i'm on the subject of advertising, if you didn't own a calendar and your only link to the outside world was the television, would you know what day today is? you would based on the commercials alone. i'm nursing a cold so i watched a lot of tv today. during every commercial break is a spot for either weight loss programs, smoking cessation or execercise plans/equipment. sometimes all three. so, without a calendar you would have to know that today is the first day of the rest of the lives of many people. the day they vow to change their habits, improve their overall health and start anew with a better lifestyle. if you have made a resolution for 2007, i wish you all the best in your endeavor.

we try to take our kids to church on sundays in an effort to instill values in them or something like that. well yesterday, while we were kneeling at the communion rail, our pastor put his hand on the boy's head to bless him but our darling son just yanked his head away and said "ow! no touching!" out of the mouths of babes.....


Blogger Andie said...

save your pennies, when the kids are old enough, we are taking that road trip ala gayle & oprah... something i've always wanted to do myself. the heck with the m-i-l's. ttfn.
oh, you go harry!

Blogger me said...

you got it! see in a few years. watch out route 66!

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