Tuesday, December 26, 2006
christmas recap
wanted for kidnapping:

santa delivered a nintendo ds lite for my daughter on christmas eve. she hasn't been seen since. if you see a red-headed little girl with freckles who stands just under 4 feet tall, completely engrossed in the above toy (either dogz or horsez), please return her to us. we miss her!

we had a lovely christmas, despite the boy being sick with a cold and ear infection. we are slowly regaining floor space that was lost to boxes, wrapping paper and toys but i keep finding those annoying clear twist-ties that keep every toy they sell from moving one millimeter in their packaging all over the house.

weather-wise, it rained on christmas. it even rained in our apartment. the toilet tank in our upstairs neighbor's apartment broke, so at 11:30 on christmas night the husband and i were up putting buckets and pails under all the leaks because, you know, who needs sleep? somehow, their brand new toilet up and broke. just like that. the plumber seems to think there was some sort of stress that the toilet was exposed to. like someone bumped or ran into it hard. words escape me to explain this phenomenon.

today the girls are planning on seeing charlotte's web: me, the girl and the nana. i have a feeling there will be much discussion about pork and it's origins once we see this movie. if i just say it comes from the supermarket does that count as an honest answer? its not like i'm going to be slaughtering anything on my land in the near future....


Blogger Andie said...

sorry, haven't seen the little red headed girl...need some buckets? so, how was the movie? let me know. i want to see it too. and again, thanks for sawyer.......aah!

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