Saturday, December 30, 2006
i am not above bribery
the girl was "dying" to have her ears pierced awhile back so in late september i took her to have it done. she was so brave and loves loves loves having her ears pierced. she even remarked to me that you could see her earrings in the picture we took for this year's christmas card.

so, what was the number one gift for the girl this christmas?

the girl received four pairs: garnet hearts, double hearts, pink stones and smiley face studs from one of her uncles. there's just one problem. she's too freaked out to change the earrings.

we managed to remove one earring yesterday. that was it. there was a little blood (they've been in for three months) and much drama, crying, hiding and pleading to not ever touch her ears again. what's a mom to do? bribery, of course! what? you read that like bribery is a bad thing. it happens to be a very effective negotiating tool, for your information.

we ate lunch at mcdonald's yesterday. the girl got in her happy meal one of those littlest pet shop toys, which she promptly lost when she took it ice skating with her yesterday afternoon.

in my attempt to get her to let me either remove the remaining earring, or replace the one already removed, i reminded my daughter that she really, really, really wanted her ears pierced over the summer and that it took a lot of convincing on the part of her dad to allow her to get it done. i also mentioned that to come all this way, only to let the holes close up was a shame. especially when there was a new littlest pet shop animal in it for her if she would just let me put the earrings back in her ears. "sleep on it," i said. "you might change your mind."

as of this morning, she decided to put the pink earrings in. before lunch, which seems like a pretty arbitrary time but is just her way of gathering up some more courage.

today we decided to do something as a family so we're going to the bronx zoo.there are plenty of gift shops there with cheap plastic toys if the aforementioned bribery fails. wish me luck!


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good luck & ouch!

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