Saturday, December 30, 2006
smarter than the average bear
we have fruit growing in our yard and in the yards surrounding ours so we get a lot of birds visiting us throughout the summer. everything from cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves and mockingbirds to sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers and twice a hummingbird.

it is only right to continue feeding the birds throughout the winter when the fruit all but vanishes so every morning i put a handful of birdseed out for them. this week's been great for birdwatching.

this morning, as i was typing my previous post, i heard some chirping and then a thwack against the metal screen door. "what could that be?" i thought. i looked out the window and saw feathers. everywhere. wtf?

it seems there is a cat. a smart cat. he has a plan. he hides behind our barbecue and lets a squirrel come and eat the seeds in the bird food. this is a good sign to the birds because they get along with squirrels and they think "hey, if the squirrel is there it must be safe." they are wrong. the squirrel is bait. when the birds come to eat the seed, the cat lunges out at them. today he must have come close to getting one because there is no body, just feathers. i will need to move the seed to the patio area where the cat has more visibility and i can clear my guilty conscience.


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I think that's too funny.

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