Thursday, December 28, 2006
celebrity death pools, bacon and fish
rather morbid but you can bet on which celebrities will die in the next twelve months. the younger and more unexpected, the more points you earn.


we avoided questions on the origin of everyone's favorite breakfast meat after seeing charlotte's web on tuesday. i really thought after seeing this movie that my daughter would put two and two together about the relationship between cute little pigs and bacon and that we'd have to start keeping kosher. but since the pig gets to live, i guess she didn't make connection. yet.

our fish appears to be better although his outward appearance is more or less the same. at least he is not floating upside down. we bought antifungal and antibacterial medicine. he will need to be given this medication for a week. but he is still not eating, so today's menu will feature shelled peas and chopped spinach. this fish is eating better than my own kids!


Blogger Andie said...

hooray for pigs (& bacon)

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