Sunday, December 31, 2006
bribery works
we were able to get a pair of earrings into the girl's earlobes after trying for about a half hour yesterday. the negotiations started out with my daughter thinking she'd go to mcdonald's first, then put the earrings in but i let her know that bribery doesn't work that way (not in so many words, mind you). so after many deep breaths, i was able to dress her ears in pink crystal studs, and i am wearing my matching pair that the husband gave us for christmas. i made good on my bribe. i took her to mcdonald's to replace the toy poodle she lost but they were out of toy poodles! i had to promise i'd to return the toy she got for the "proper" one.

we went to the zoo and the kids loved it. the girl's been there tons of times but this is the first time the boy's been and i loved watching him watch the animals. he loved the little mice in the mouse house that ran around and around and around and around. they loved the tiger and the girl was fascinated when a zoo keeper came out to feed some crickets to some birds. i couldn't get her to budge until the demonstration was over.

on tonights menu: turkey divan. i've never made this before but i really need to try to use up the last of the christmas turkey. it has butter, cheese, broccoli and more cheese in it. what could be bad?


Blogger Andie said...

well, how was the turkey? hope harry like the zoo. remember when we took sophie to the si zoo? remember what the turtles were doing? have do get there this year (07), maybe all the construction will be done....

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