Tuesday, December 19, 2006
i have always wanted....
to make a gingerbread house. this year i will! we received as a gift from a good friend at work a gingerbread house kit. the best part is that the house is pre-assembled so all we have to do is decorate it. how cool is that? (shit. now i sound like rachel ray.)

i am officially sick of wrapping. i've been doing the wrapping piecemeal and it is grating on my last christmas nerve. it isn't even really the wrapping per se. it's the retrieving of gifts from every nook and cranny of our apartment, wrapping it and then stashing it away all over again. remind me to leave all the gifts out in my bedroom on christmas eve right before we leave for christmas eve shindig at my dad's so i'm not tearing the house apart at 1am and swearing up a blue streak.

on friday, my daughter had a party at her daisy scout meeting for the holidays. they had someone dress up as santa. when i asked her about it, she told me "he was just a pretend santa."

"how do you know? i asked.
"he was wearing sneakers," she replied in her best don't-you-know-anything-mom? voice.
"what's that got to do with anything?" i said. "doesn't santa wear sneakers?" i began to wonder if this was the moment the whole lie would be revealed.
"mom, everyone knows that the real santa wears boots."

a good clean joke for you:

an man and woman, married thirty years, have a conflict. they can't agree who should make the coffee in the morning. they argue and argue.

the man's argument is that since the wife is already in the kitchen cooking breakfast she should do it. she disagrees and insists that he make the coffee. "it's in the bible," she says.
"where does the bible mention who should make the coffee?" he replies.
"right here," says the wife. "there's a whole book about it: hebrews."


Blogger Andie said...

love the clean joke. i feel for you with the wrapping, i wrap mine and my mother-in-laws. (but I love it). keep up the santa charade....

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