Sunday, March 7, 2010
Up To
I've completed my second week of permanent employment. It took nearly that long to complete the reams of paperwork that goes along with it. Health insurance, life insurance, I-9, W-4, FSA....I'd forgotten how much information it takes to employ someone...but who cares? I'll see your FSLA status and raise you one family vision plan, thank you very much.

I'm still the editor of one bilingual church newsletter yet remain stubbornly unilingual. Last Sunday as I was getting the March edition finished, I had both kids with me in the church office. Harry asked "Hey, mom? What does this mean?" When I looked up he was giving me the finger. I tried to calmly say that we'd discuss it later but he just kept flipping me off saying "Just tell me! I want to know!"

After getting our taxes done yesterday we took the kids shopping for some basics for spring. Sophie mentioned that she needed some unmentionables and also added that she'd like to stop wearing t-shirts and start wearing a training bra (or as the tag says "crop top"). While we were looking on the rack, John walked over, saw what we were buying, had a heart attack and died. The end. We will miss you John.

Over dinner I had to explain to John that these things were bound to start happening and that we'd better be prepared so we're not blindsided. Especially since these things are a giant snowball barreling toward us and it keeps getting bigger and faster. (Not that I'm freaked out or anything!) (OK, maybe a little.) (Or, you know, a lot. Send wine.)


Blogger CatMar said...

Harry is too funny! He wants to know imediately! LOL!! That's like when my sister gave birth to Mathew when Tara was 4. We were going to visit my sister the day they came home from the hospital. We were on the bus and loudly Tara asked me how babies are made. The whole bus heard her and many of them were chuckling. I kept telling Tara I'd tell her later while she insisted I tell her now. This old lady was sitting near us and got Tara interesed in something else. That got me out of it for a while.

Anonymous mom said...

I will send Sophie a couple of "crop tops" for Easter, along with a peep or 2.
Anyway my Precious, you are too funny!

Blogger Andie said...

wine is on the

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