Thursday, January 21, 2010
Party City
It is birthday party season at This Charming Life and if there's one subject my kids know how to talk TO DEATH, it's birthday parties. Specifically, theirs.

Harry's birthday was on January 10th. Sophie's is tomorrow. Since, oh, January 1st, all we've discussed is party location, party theme, party activities, party attendees, people who can't make it to the party, people who still have not responded to the party invite, party invitations, party goody bags, birthday cake, birthday cake fillings, birthday cake frosting options, birthday candles, birthday presents, birthday outfits, birthday cards, birthday wrapping paper, party start time, party end time, and party food. Then, just when you think there isn't possibly one iota of birthday-related talk left in the world, the kids like to talk about NEXT YEAR'S PARTY.

This year we decided to give each kid a separate party, with their own group of friends and boy is it easier to go someplace and say "hi! can you entertain a group fo 15 kids on a Saturday afternoon if I bring the cake?" than to put one huge group of kids in a church basement and try to entertain them yourself, which is what we did two years ago.

This Saturday is the last of the January celebrations. I've only got 15 more goody bags to assemble, one more cake to pick up and two more days of non-stop bowling party talk before I officially begin hibernating until spring.


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Anonymous Nana said...

FUNNY.......LOL FUNNY, remember when Sophie was so little. Happy Birthday Sophia my Dearest Heart in all the world. Love You, have a great time at your party, I am wishing I could be there.

Blogger CatMar said...

Happy birthday Sophie! Have a wonderful day!

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