Thursday, November 20, 2008
Two Years
I have got to get all our pictures off our computer. THOUSANDS of them. I'm sitting here reformatting an external hard drive from Mac to PC, drinking wine and watching Chelsea Lately.

While I wait, I decided to read the first (lame) post I ever wrote for this blog. It was over two years ago, which is hard to believe. Have I really had this creative outlet for two years already?

I read some other posts about the kids, back when Harry was still wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle, Sophie had just discovered her first loose tooth, subsequently lost her first tooth and I decided the best way to celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary was to have a stomach virus. Good times!

In between there were triumphs and tribulations and frustrations and odd moments I'd experienced living in New York.

Because posting has been light lately, I decided to dig back through my pictures from 2006 and choose a random picture to post here. Enjoy.

Relocated barn, Kansas, 2006

(Ha! I guess I had a little too much wine when I posted this because the photo caption originally read "Relocated Bar".)


Blogger Andie said...

wow, i can't believe that I have been reading this for 2 years! Hope its 200 more! Love that pic!

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