Monday, October 20, 2008
Please, Let Me Explain
Dear Neighbors,
I just wanted to clarify something for you that happened over the weekend. What you saw me doing through the kitchen window from your backyard was not what you thought.

You see, my kids, who originally wanted a rabbit, settled for hamsters. Two of them. In order to obtain those hamsters, space needed to be cleared for them, which meant getting rid of "stuff" and took seven hours. It was only supposed to take an hour or two but once I started getting rid of "stuff" I couldn't stop. Out went the Little People toys because no one plays with them and the monkey in the zoo set was driving me crazy. Every time another toy in the bin so much as came near his lever he cackled his head off. So now it's gone, along with other items like the motorcycle with no handlebars, various stuffed animals and books that are no longer read. Some will be donated to our church, where my kids can lord it over the heads of other children attending services that those toys are THEIRS, proving they still don't get the concept of "donating." Others will be donated via, enriching the lives of others in need.

We unloaded four bags of outgrown clothing, moved shelving units and rearranged bookcases. Did you see the Dolls From Around the World shelf? The gigantic bag of crayons compiled from the far reaches of desk drawers and art sets? Yes, it's all very nice. But I need to let you know that what you saw me doing in the kitchen was not at all what it seemed. You see, now that Harry is potty trained, he is officially no longer a baby. So we got rid of our diaper stacker thing. It was bittersweet tossing that torn and frayed bit of yellow fabric with the 10th hanger into the trash. We'd had it since Sophie was a baby. Just as she was out of diapers and training pants Harry came along, so we haven't ever not used it in seven and a half years. Sadder still, was tossing out the last of the diapers and training pants. The upside is my wallet is ever so slightly heavier not shelling out money every month for pull ups. Instead we can buy things. Like food.

So that tube you saw me smelling the contents of? I was not huffing glue. I was inhaling, very deeply, the scent of the last tube of Desitin I will probably ever own. Every whiff a memory of diapering my babies and nibbling their toes and nuzzling their necks.

To further push myself down the he's-not-a-baby-anymore! hole, I made the mistake of holding up a favorite sweater and comparing it to one in his current size. And then, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I sought out a bath robe my mother had bought Sophie when she was infant. It is now used for her doll babies. When she bothers to remember to bathe them, they are wrapped up in this tiny, tiny robe which Sophie herself once wore.

Anyhoo, as a parent, I'm sure you can understand my behavior now. Stop by to meet Pumpkin and Pikachu when you have some time! (Just don't make the mistake of sticking your hand in their cage when they are grumpy...I have the bite marks to prove this is unwise.)

Your Neighbor,


Blogger Andie said...

spring cleaning in the fall...aaah!
Congrats to the big "little man"

Anonymous Mom said...

Oh My,
Now you really know how i feel most days, missing you & your sibs at the infant/baby stage.

Love all around,

Blogger CatMar said...

I don't know if you remember, but I'm sure your mom does. I used to get all teary eyed when you & your sister reached stepping stones in your lives. I particularly remember when Melanie "became a woman" I cried my eyes out. Imangine how I felt when Tara got older. You have wonderful memories of your babies and will make new memories as they grow.

Anonymous vikki said...

My son wants hamsters but my partner is afraid he'll se them loose in the house. I think they are kinda cute but the thought of them running freely does kind of give me pause.

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