Saturday, October 18, 2008
Lord, Help Me
In August, I made the mistake of mentioning how cute the bunnies were at the Wayne County Fair. In grade schooler language, this translates to "We're getting a bunny!" Which is about the last thing I really want to be taking care of these days. Between two kids, two cats, one husband, a pack of fiesty squirrels in the back yard and one skunk in our shed, I really don't have the time, or inclination, to raise rabbits.

Except someone that lives in this house said to Sophie "hey, if you can take care of the cats for two months straight we'll consider getting you a rabbit." And his proposition to her of course translates to "We're getting a bunny!"

We don't have the room in our apartment for a rabbit and hutch/cage thing. The kids are optimistic about having enough room for a rabbit hutch when we buy a house but they clearly haven't heard the term "global economic crisis" and don't understand the impact subprime lending will have on our own mortgage application someday.

I was even able to convince them that keeping the rabbit outside (which is actually better for them, or so I've read) isn't a good idea because of the nasty stray cat that terrorizes our neighborhood.

I negotiated with the kids on the bunny front by explaining that a bunny might be too much for us to handle right now and that a pet with a short shelf life an interim pet might be a good way to get our feet wet. And so we are getting hamsters. Which are just fluffy mice with short tails when you get down to brass tacks. The kids are going to spend their Saturday parting with some precious toys that they no longer play with in order to make room for a Habitrail.


Anonymous Mom said...

Mer - God help you!!!
Hi Sophie, I love hamsters, even had a few myself when Mom was little. I hope you give Mom a big helping hand by taking care of them yourself, with Harry's help of course. Let me know when you get the hamsters. Personnally, i like the Teddy Bear kind - more fluffy.
Anyway - Good Luck with the fluffy mice!!!
Love, Mom/Nana

Blogger Andie said...

Well, you know John wanted a guinea pig. We got one. We were told that Hamsters weren't great for little kids, cause they tend to bite more so than gp's do. (my gp bites when he's hungry & then it's only a nip) But Good luck. We love our Winnie!!
Oh, and yes, I clean him, feed him & take care of him.

Blogger CatMar said...

Good luck.. if you like having little mouse look alikes in your home. Not for me!!! When Tara was in kindergarten and she had half a day once, I picked her up from school, got home and could not get into my house because a neighbor's hurt hamster was parked in front of my door. Not wantig to move my door and hurt it more and being afrid of touching it, Tara ns I sat on the stairs all day until the owner down the block came home. Sophie & Harry take good care of your new pet.

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