Wednesday, November 26, 2008
If you watch the news or read the papers at all, you might have heard that our economy is tanking. The world's economy is not much better. I lost my job in May, my 401k is worth much less than it was a year ago (I'm almost used to the nausea). I've noticed more homeless on the streets, budgets are being decimated in schools and for government services and prices are increasing for everything from highway tolls to bread. Sometimes I see elderly people or families in the grocery store with not much in their carts and I want to ask them "is that enough for you? Do you need more?" Our church has had more people stopping by to ask for something to eat, even if its just a cup of coffee to warm themselves up with.

There is so much to worry about and it has all made me aware, painfully aware, sometimes guiltily aware, of how fortunate I am. Fortunate to have a loving, nutty collection of human beings to call family. We've been blessed with two beautiful, healthy children. I have a large circle of friends and a small circle of readers who come here on occasion, some daily, to read this website. Thank you.

I don't have everything I want but I have everything I need and it is more than enough.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving, everyone!


Blogger Andie said...

I love you too...Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I certainly am thankful for meeting you.

Anonymous Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving John, Mer, Sophie, Harry & my GrandAnimals. You have put down those words beautifully Mer. I too feel the same way. So very Thankful to have a Beautiful Daughter and her Family to call my own. It's true, we don't have everything we want, but material things don't mean much, just things that can always be replaced, the meaningful things, family, friends, enough to eat, a place to lay your head at night are the most important. I realize this more and more, especially since living away from home. Sending Love all around. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll talk to you later.
Love, Mom

Blogger CatMar said...

I haven't been online since Wednesday. We spent the holidy in Virginia with my sister, Mer, your sentiments are heartwarming. Hope you all had a wonderful, healthy Thanksgiving!

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