Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Kick Off
To kick off a month o' blogging about voting, let's talk about registering to vote.

You are registered, aren't you? You're eligible as long as you are 1. alive 2. at least 18 years of age on the day of the general election and 3. a legal citizen of the United States. Those are just the general requirements, more specific requirements regarding residency and parole status can be found on your state's board of elections website and here.

If you're not registered, fear not! There's still time. Registration deadlines vary from state to state. Some will even let you register when you show up to vote on November 4th but for the rest of us, the deadlines are nearing. So get on the stick, people! It's never been easier. You can register here, here and here.

In some states you can register to vote at the DMV when renewing your driver's license. Most of the time they will put that paperwork through for you but sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle and you (or me, in 1998) can show up on Election Day only to find out surprise! you are not eligible to vote at your new polling site.


Blogger Andie said... i really have to vote? the candidates suck!

Anonymous Mom said...

Good Morning Luv,
Excellent Blog - everyone needs to get out and vote, now more than ever!! So get out there Andie -
Love all around,

Blogger CatMar said...

I've been registered since I was 18. That was the first year tat 18 year olds could vote. I was so eager to let my voice be heard! It was the presidential election between Nixon and McGovern, Unfortunately McGovern lost. Anyway, like ande, I'm not too thrilled with the candidates but will vote for one of them.

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