Wednesday, July 30, 2008
The Wall
I've hit it.

The job market, house hunting, child-rearing, laundry, family matters, gas prices. Trying to live a life when it is in upheaval has ceased being amusing. It is downright exhausting. The thought of challenging myself to do something new is daunting.

I'm officially out of witty things to say in emails to people who may or may not have employment to offer. I'm tired of reaching out, feeling hopeful one minute, dashed the next. Sick of looking at my inbox and seeing zero new messages.

My to-do list keeps growing and I just look at it, marveling at its ability to self-perpetuate. Wondering when I'll find the time to take those books back to the library, wondering how much longer that bag of clothing for goodwill can sit in that corner. Long enough for the clothes to come back in style? Probably.

I feel bad complaining when I have so much support, so many people rooting for me, so little reason to worry. But here I am, complaining anyway.

People say to me "dont' worry, you have your health and your family? Then you have everything." To them I say, I know but...

People say "it could be worse." To them I say, shut up.


Blogger Mia said...

except for paragraphs 4 and 5, you could be speaking from inside my head.

Blogger Andie said...


Blogger CatMar said...

Meredith, look at it this way, for the past few months I've been suffering with lower back problems which now shifted to my right side and is now full blown sciatica. The pain is unbelievable!! I'm walking with a cane like I'm 90 years old. On top of that I went to a local concert in the park last night where I fell on a broken peice of concrete. I bruised both my knees and I think I broke the big toe of my right foot. My husband, who has been really helping me, dropped a manhole cover on his ankle today. Thank goodness he only bruised it and not broke it. So yes, Mer, things could be worse but we all have the right to complain... so you complain all you want. You need to vent to get it out of your system.

Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Mer,
Awww Sweetie, don't be discouraged, something will turn up soon. I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Relax, Relax and Relax some more. I love you & miss you. Hugs & Kisses to Dear Heart & Harry-Boy, and of course John. To Dear Heart: Have a fun-filled vacation I love & Miss you To Harry-Boy Have fun, fun, fun

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