Monday, May 14, 2007
Best Mother's Day. Ever.
The best part about Mother's Day this year was Sophie's excitement about it. She could hardly contain herself. Every day she reminded me about the surprise she made me in school. She would whisper things to John about what she had in mind to celebrate. Late Saturday night, she had divulged one item about Mother's Day: she and John were going to make me blueberry pancakes. This was apparently a last minute addition to the agenda judging by how perplexed my husband looked. Then he asked me "do we even have blueberries? What about pancake mix?"

I let him off the hook by casually looking in the fridge and saying "You know what I could go for tomorrow for breakfast? A nice cup of coffee and some yogurt with fruit. Sophie, you could even make that all by yourself!"

Finally the day arrived and she was so over the top excited that she left the goodies for me on the stairs so I wouldn't miss them.

I got a beautiful bracelet that Sophie made in school, a poem with her handprints and a plate. The plate is actually very cool. It comes with a special marker which you write on the plate with, let it dry for 24-48 hours then bake it in the oven and voila! You have a food/microwave/dishwasher-safe plate.

On the plate, Sophie wrote: "We love being your children."

And I love being their mom.


Anonymous mom said...

What a Beautiful Day you had!!! So Did you have your coffee and fruit and did Sophie make it all by herself? Love to all,


Blogger Andie said...

wow, that sounded like the perfect Mother's day! Sophie is wonderful, as is Harry.

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