Friday, April 6, 2007
Team Double D's
I started this post in a very lamentable fashion. I was trying to be upbeat but was failing miserably. I'd been planning this for awhile now and just couldn't quite get it right. It was depressing at best. I couldn't even work in a joke about Team Double D's and bra sizes. "Post it already," I said to myself. And just as I was about to hit the "publish" button, I checked this website and realized there there is much to be thankful for and optimistic about.

Back in October, a woman I know, Dina, was diagnosed with MS. Multiple Sclerosis.

I've actually known Dina and her family all my life. It was at Dina's sister's birthday party where I uttered my most famous phrase, at the tender age of two or three: "I don't want any of that shitting cake!" Thus paving the way for an illustrious career as a potty-mouth.

Our mothers are friends and have known each other since they were teenagers. Out of respect for the elderly I won't say how long that is. (Kidding!) Through another set of unfortunate events about a year and a half ago, I became reacquainted, albeit too briefly, with Dina and her family but now Dina's mom, Daureen, keeps me up to date on all the jokes floating around the internet. Back in January, I got an email from Daureen, but this time it wasn't a joke. This was an email about Dina, who has participated in the MS Walk just because it was a good and noble thing to do. Now Dina is walking for herself in one of life's crueler twists of fate. And Team Double D's was born.

Dina has assembled a team to walk with her. I think there are 25 members in total pulling double-duty as co-walkers and supporters of the larger fight Dina is engaged in. Team Double D's set a modest goal of $10,000. They are $600 shy of meeting that modest yet impressive number.

And that's where I found the upside, the optimism. Not in the money, not in how quickly they are achieving their goal. The upside, the glass-is-half-full side is that there is a need and people have banded together one way or another to stand beside Dina and help. The only thing worth more than that is a cure.

Click here to visit Dina's personal page on the MS Walk website. Walk if you want, Give if you can.


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