Sunday, April 15, 2007
The Modern Family
Hello blog. Long time no see. I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t had time to update you. You have missed quite a week. Last Sunday was Easter. I got exactly three pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits, and only one was worthy of emailing to the grandparents, which I’ve yet to do. We went out to eat for Easter dinner which is so unlike us. Usually we cook at home or eat at a relative’s home for any sort of holiday meal but this was a welcome departure from the norm. I was able to eat lamb which really is just a perfect Easter entrée but it was just OK. The chef could have kept it a little rarer. There was enough on the menu to keep the kids satisfied and maintain a minimum of whining. And then there was poor Harry. So exausted from the festivities of the day, plus an appearance at church, (where, after sharing peace with the rest of the parishioners, he kept saying “Thank you! Thank you!” like a comedian) he fell asleep right at the table in the restaurant. I seized the opportunity to get in some cuddling with him while I finished my coffee. Then, as we walked home, it snowed. ON EASTER. There is something not right about seeing all the spring flowers in bloom with snowflakes swirling around them.

Then there was the work week, or, my own personal hell. I am lucky in that I really like my job and I really love what I do but this one project is killing me. Slowly. No sooner do I get a large chunk of work completed when another big chunk crops up. And my new paradox for the week is that you can’t actually get work done at work. How frigging ironic. I was able to borrow a laptop where I’ve been getting more work done when I’m at home.

And now we are the modern family, ad nauseum.

We come home, make something or order something that resembles dinner. Hang with the kids for what feels like 5 seconds and get them to bed. I field phone calls and emails and once the kids are in bed I retreat to the laptop while John does work on the desktop. We talk to one another but not about anything all that interesting. Usually, it’s about work schedules or something work related. But we did find a new subject: dental bills and the fact that we’ve paid our pediatric dentist almost $1000 in cash over the past two months and she hasn’t filed the claims correctly (or not at all for one appointment). When Sophie goes in on Tuesday for her impressions for the dental spacers she needs one of us will need to set the record straight with their billing person. Plan on a dental themed post on Wednesday!

Now we are at the weekend again. We’ve done our usual running around between Girl Scouts, dance class, supermarket shopping and laundry. Harry wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I was able to get him down for a nap for over 2 hours while Sophie was at a play date and John was golfing. What did I do? Ordered Chinese and ate it while watching Lewis Black. Don’t try that at home. He is so funny I almost choked on my kung po chicken. Twice. Today it is Sophie’s turn to be sick, complete with a sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and a fever so all plans for junior choir at church and a visit to Nana and Grandpa’s are cancelled. We are now holed up at home watching movies with the Sunday Times and the New York Daily news. It is pouring out so the Sunday papers and movies are the only things to do.

If retreating to work on separate computers every night isn’t the mark of a modern family, then surely being forced to relax by the weather and illness certainly is.


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Awe, hope Sophie's better soon. I know what its like: been sick for about a month!

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