Tuesday, April 10, 2007
The casting couch
I used to pray for the day when Sophie would cancel her membership to the Church of Disney Princess. Sophie has discovered the other side of Disney and is slowly letting go of her fanatacism with all things Princess. And with so many to choose from it's been a long time coming.

Sophie is now obsessed with Hannah Montana, the Disney Channel TV show about a fourteen year old singing "sensation" that has also spawned a Nintendo DS game, an album and god knows what else. Tonight we watched the "world premiere" of Hannah's new video. It was no "Thriller."

At dinner Sophie told me that she just loves this show, with the zany girl and secret double life as Hannah Montana rock star (people, I use the term rock star very loosely), and her annoying brother. Don't forget the dad, played by her real life dad Billy Ray Cyrus. Yep, the Achey Breaky Heart guy. (Don't feel old enough yet? The show is produced by Fred Savage...the Wonder Years kid!)

Anyway, Sophie would like to star in her own version of Hannah Montana. I can be in it, too, but only if I remove a couple of moles. We'll either have to paint the house or build a beach front home (Sophie's offered to foot the bill) and she'll perform for her legions of fans. I need to work on my lines, though. I apparently can't carry off the role of Hannah's 12 year old best friend. I come off as too "old" but Sophie is willing to work with me. (What does she want? I'm at the age when I should be worried about getting my first mammogram. The best I can do is play 25 and even that would require a great deal of help from the make up department.) Harry will play her annoying brother. He has the act down pat, "because he is already very annoying." No word yet on who is slated to play the dad but she did hint that it would not be her own father.

This new obsession makes me a little sad because it is proof that she is growing up. At least when she was all Princess all the time I was the queen. Now I'm relegated to sidekick but only if I agree to her conditions.


Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Sweetheart,
your posts are too funny! If you are a little sad, then i'm devastated that Sophs is growing up so very quickly. Its funny i was just looking at your HS grad. pic this am while getting ready for work and thought to my self, Mer looked older then than she does now. It had to be those big glasses you were wearing!! I can just picture Soph talking about this at dinner, with her hand movements and all - too funny. The part of the blog that made me laugh the hardest was about Harry having the part down part. Talk to you later, Love Mom

Blogger Andie said...

wait, what's that they call it? hmmm, pre-teen? no. oh, yeah, tweens....good luck.

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