Thursday, December 11, 2008
Here's How To Tell You Are All Sorts of Holiday Crazy
You have a pile of gifts that need wrapping in the corner. The gifts call to you to be wrapped and you say things like "I'll wrap 2 gifts a night. That won't be so bad." Except there's homework to be done and dishes to be washed and bathrooms to clean and so at 10 pm you decide to put the wrapping off another day.

Then you think about it and you realize that if you wrap the gifts, they cease being a bunch of things you bought in bags and will become presents, which will invite all sorts of investigation from the children who live with you and so you think I'll wrap everyone else's gifts and leave theirs for last. Except one of the children has the ability to read and once she reads the tags she will hound you when she realizes that the gifts are not for her and will invariably ask "why aren't there any gifts for me?" And you'll have to come up with excuses.

So then you get a brilliant idea: wrap everything, but put a little code on the bottom of the gift. The key to this code can be stored on your palm pilot so only you know that the box with "*#&" really means "Lincoln Logs/Harry." and "&!@" means "Hickory Farms gift pack/family friends" You mull it over and realize that you are considering inventing a micro language for deciphering which holiday gifts you have wrapped and surely that is a sign that if you haven't lost it you are about to.


Blogger Andie said...

I thought Santa brought the kiddies gifts?? lol...I have wrapped all EXCEPT those gifts!

Blogger CatMar said...

When Tara was small I hid every present in a closet (and I only had 2 closets in that apt). She never looked in there because she thought Sant would bring them on Christmas Eve.

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