Saturday, February 3, 2007
doing the superbowl thang
i'm the sports world equivolent of the christian who only shows up to church on easter sunday. i could care less about football throughout the season but come tomorrow i will worship at the altar of superbowl. we'll watch the game, eat chili, snack chips with guacamole, drink a beer or two and see if we won any cash in our office pools.

the guys at work tell me i have decent numbers: 2 for da bears and 0 for the colts. when i signed up, the "pool guy" at work didn't seem impressed when i told him that at my first job in advertising i won an office football pool for a regular-season week solely by choosing all home teams. i chose my box because my lucky number was available. grand prize is $300. let's see how lucky that number really is.


Blogger Andie said...

good luck. i don't know my lucky number yet....

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