Saturday, December 13, 2008
Christmas Specials
Our kids love themselves some Christmas specials. So do I, even though my parents scarred me for life by plopping me in front of the television to watch the saddest, sorriest Christmas story ever created for children. That show is called Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey.

If you've seen it, you know how sad it is. A donkey with impossibly long ears gets thrown out of his warm stable in the desert one snowy December night. His mother chases after him, covers him with her body to keep him warm and then FREEZES TO DEATH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Said donkey then goes on to deliver Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.

Yes, this is the holiday fare my parents thought would warm my five year old heart. I'm sure they didn't think I'd come to them crying my eyes out.

Today we have handy guides for choosing appropriate Christmas specials: V-chips and rating systems and on-screen menus and to avoid exposing your child to television that might damage them. This has done nothing, however, from stopping people from making new Christmas specials. If you've seen any of the newer holiday specials you know they are awful.

First of all, unless you are Charles Schultz, Frank Capra, Arthur Rankin or Jules Bass, you have no business making a holiday special. There is no new spin on Santa, Rudolph, Frosty or the birth of Jesus. It's all been done before. Leave it alone. For proof of this, I give you exhibit A: The Flight Before Christmas.

This was on last night after Frosty. The kids watched it because they don't know any better.

Exhibit B: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Why is this even funny??

Are there any Christmas specials you love? Or hate?


Blogger Andie said...

I hear ya! I like the old classics. Rudolp, Frosty, Charlie Brown...none of this Rudolphs shiny new year or santa claus is coming to town...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anonymous Mom said...

Hello Precious,
I actually taped "Flight Before Christmas", but now I don't if I should even bother! I agree there is nothing that comes close to the old favorites. And I had no idea that "Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey was so sad, if you remember, it was only you and I that watched it, and i do remember both of crying our eyes out.

Love all around,

Blogger CatMar said...

I never heard od that donkey named Nestor, but I'm glad Tara never saw it. Some of those shows are ridiculous. Last year I saw the Grandma one.... I've always hated the song, so I couldn't stand the movie!

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