Thursday, February 1, 2007
you've come a long way, baby

there's supposed to be a game played this coming sunday. have you heard about? it's for football, right?

you betcha! and today's metro featured a story in the sports section about the famous "super bowl shuffle" video members from the bears 1985 team made. the story also featured a picture of jim mcmahon! the cute one with the mohawk and the sleek sunglasses that had every girl in eighth and ninth grade going ga-ga.

god willing, no one is saying "i wasn't even born in 1985. who is this jim mcmahon you speak of?" and you are all nodding your head in agreement and thinking "yes! i remember him! he was cute." well folks, that was 21 years ago. 21!

and, just to remind you how far you've come, here's a sampling of other things from 21 or so years ago:

"new" coke debuted. and failed.
top gun and ferris beuller's day off were released
wham! broke up
peter gabriel's album so is released, paving the way for lloyd dobler to become a boombox serenader (this whole wiki list is totally awesome)
it was all a dream....bobby ewing was found alive! in the shower!
reebok hightops, leg warmers, acid washed jeans and neon-colored socks, two pairs at a time


Blogger Andie said...

Listen, now you're really making me feel old! Thanks alot!


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