Friday, January 26, 2007
baby, it's cold outside
if you happen to live in the northeast, you might have noticed that there is a little chill in the air. some would describe it as being nippy, cold, frigid, f*cking freezing, etc. so what does every news station do? they send some reporter out to ask people how they feel about-what else?-the cold!

"it's cooold!"
"too cold for me. i'm f-f-f-freezing!"
the reporter will always find some guy who's happy as a clam that it's cold. "i love it!" he'll say as he skips off to work in a t-shirt.
then the weather "personality" comes on to talk about the cold, how long it will last, yada yada yada.

the newspapers are no better. there is always an obligatory shot of someone bundled up because....say it with me's cold!

here's a tip for all the news folks out there: it is january. it is supposed to be cold. a mere mention of the seasonality of the cold will suffice, thank you very much.

don't get me started about snow. you know it's coming. we'll be expecting a storm and it'll garner it's own friggin' logo (blizzard of 2007!), stores will run out of milk, bread and eggs and every network will send a reporter to home depot, which will be sold out of rock salt and snow shovels. and everyone will be going "wha? what happened to all the snow shovels?" here's another tip: how about keeping a snow shovel from year to year? or, if yours breaks, you buy a replacement! buy rock salt when you turn the heat on in october. a little planning on your part saves me from groaning and rolling my eyes while trying to keep up with current events. i mean, really.


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once, again, yeah!. you go girl!

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